Bellbrook Neighborhood Dental serves Bellbrook, Centerville, Kettering, Xenia and Waynesville, Ohio providing complete oral health care for the entire family.

Services include the latest in cosmetic dentistry for that winning smile that you’ve always wanted.

With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Bill Dahling, DDS will put you at ease immediately. He takes the time to explain your treatment options and answer all your questions so you can be a partner in your dental health program.

Dr. Dahling understands that some people avoid getting the dental treatment they need because of cost. That is why he accepts most dental insurances and makes available an affordable dental plan.

"I recently moved back to Dayton and discovered that Dr. Dahling had re-opened his practice in Bellbrook after a time in Colorado. I began seeing him again as I know he is not only a great dentist, but also a great man. I find him to be incredibly generous and genuinely interested in his patients."

"Dr. Dahling helped beautify my smile by doing some fantastic cosmetic work! I have been so impressed with him that I moved my children over to his practice. He is a first-rate professional in every way and I would highly recommend him to anyone."

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